Aerospace & Defense

The Aerospace and Defense sector in India is regulated and controlled by government agency. Government policies are followed in these sectors. As per relaxation of FDI restrictions, this industry is all set to experience an accelerated tandem of growth, wealth. In policy framework with the change in technology measures, the position of Indian manufacturers has been strength more which in turn leads to the industry towards self-reliance, self sustainable. There have been many investors who are ready to invest in this industry. Looking towards the ongoing developments of this industry, many global giants are focusing on investments in this and thus will accelerate expansion and growth of the industry. These developments will result in increase employment rate as there will be need of skilled and talented leaders and workforce in the industry who can manage the growth and work.

We  Ilite Hr Solutions have been able to attract many great talent from different roles including Design, Analysis, Simulation, Software Development, Supply Chain, Sales, Business Development, Finance and Legal. These factors are proved to be critical points in their growth. We thus find ourselves as the most referred and well recognized talent search service provider in this highly specialized sector in India.


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